"I had a dream.." says Sam.

I've heard this before so I ducked. But this time it turned out my caution was misplaced, because Sam's dream was Ken, full frontal and breathing, doing that whole "dodge the explosion" thing like all good actors who train with John Wu learn. So I said, "hey Sam! you know anybody who looks like Ken in real life?" I think she said 'Nuh-uh!" or words to that effect anyways.

So sacrificing ourselves on the altar of truth, justice and the pursuit of Ken-age, we strained our eyes combing the depths of web for beautiful men who had something of the right combination of good looks, charm, good looks, great hair, good looks and that indefinable something that says "Ken". We also tried to stick with guys that looked good.

Let us know how we did! Comments, drooling and chick fights over how Travis Fimmel was not included in this list can be directed to the forum.





Ken & Joe?